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Hey, I’m going to be posting weekly about what I’m obsessed with, stressed about, done with, and what I find funny. I’m a mid-twenties woman in technology who’s obsessed with neuroscience, dogs and improving.

obsessed with: Eliza at 16, the podcast. I love the format so much, I’m stealing it for these posts. I’ve also been obsessed with edX: as someone who didn’t have formal computer science training, I’m finding a lot of the compsci classes fun, and they’re filling in gaps in my knowledge base. I’m currently working through CS50, Harvard’s intro to computer science class. The format is great, and the lecturer is into his material. The lectures are fun to watch and aren’t dry at all.

stressed about: Imposter syndrome. I’m in tech, and even though I’ve been at it a couple years now, I still feel like a newb. I want to have confidence in my work, but it’s hard when the field is so gigantic. On the bright side, I’m getting very good at picking up new skills quickly, which is invaluable.

done with: Car accidents. I was in a bus wreck earlier this week. Luckily, I just have some minor whiplash and a sprained wrist. The driver of my bus was hurt, and some other passengers hurt their knees. This is my second bad car wreck, and they mess you up for a few days, even if you aren’t hurt.

funny: I have a cat and a dog; my dog is just over a year old, and the cat is about ten. My puppy keeps trying to get the cat to play with her, but the cat isn’t interested. They end up sitting on opposite sides of my couch staring at one another until they both fall asleep! Watching critters interact can really lighten your mood.

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