April Goals Update

Last week I posted about my April goals.

Here’s a quick update from my weekly review:


  1. Read ten minutes a day. I read four out of 7 days last week.
  2. Complete three Power Hours per week. I did one out of three Power Hours last week.
  3. Do ten minutes of PWK per workday. This is a class I’m taking. I didn’t work on it at all. I get a zero out of five on this goal.
  4. Sleep 7.5 hours a night. My fitbit told me I got 7 hours and 40 minutes of sleep per night on average.
  5. Write down when I eat junk food or carbs. I’m still doing this. I’ve started eating more junk recently. Part of my goals for next month is definitely going to have to be bulk cooking! I also need some easy snacks for work.
  6. Perform a weekly review every week. Nailed this!

My habit tracker contains a lot of my tracking information, which is what I pulled from to make this list.


Recently, I’ve been struggling with scheduling. My current bullet journal setup is missing time tracking. I tried using the time tracking bars the community loves, but I found they only worked great for tasks that take a long time. Sometimes, I have 15 tasks I need to cram into an hour. As a result, I tried using Google Calendar to schedule out my day, and I hated it.  It doesn’t display entries nicely when they’re entered into 15 minute chunks. However, what I did find really helpful this week was printing off a daily view from Outlook’s calendar and writing on it. I used these yesterday and today and found them helpful! (Wish I could post pictures of them, but they contain sensitive work information). I enjoy seeing my tasks written out with their corresponding time block more than I do seeing them in list form in my journal. At work, I’ve been using my journal more as a capture tool and these sheets for processing my list. Also, they’re wide enough that if my schedule changes, I can cross off chunks on the left and write new ones to the right. I’ve been tracking my experimentation with scheduling under “enter time on calendar” on my habit tracker.


For next week, I need to work on implementing my coursework into my daily schedule. I also need to schedule a Power Hour or two during my lunch break, because a lot of the tasks I’ve been delaying on require calling during business hours. I also found I read the most when I take public transit instead of biking, so I need to start reading at home.

If you want to see what tools I use in my bullet journal, check out this post!

Till next week!

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