Browse Month: May 2016

May Bullet Journal Set Up

I wanted to try some new things in May. I recently picked up some Tombow brush pens to add a little bit of color to my journal. I’ve enjoyed how @honeyrozes uses her Tombows and wanted to give it a shot!
I’ve been very limited in what I use for color in my journal. However, I thought some light accent colors would look nice. In April, I separated my weeks on my monthly spread with boxes and lines:
In May, I did it in color:
Unfortunately, my fountain pen ink smears awfully with the Tombows. I tried letting it dry 24 hours; I tried doing the highlights first and then writing over them with my fountain pen. Nothing worked. So for text that will be highlighted, I’ve started using my Micron pen, which doesn’t smear at all!

In May, I’ve also added a “waiting on” section. I piloted this at the end of April, and it’s been great having a list of packages to expect. I’ve been buying books like mad since I was diagnosed with a concussion because I can’t look at a screen for a long time right now.

My tracker also has an additional pop of color. Honestly, I’m not thrilled with the Tombow-highlighted columns. I think next month, I’ll try something else.

For my gratitude log, I’m adding days as I go along instead of leaving blank spaces on days I forget to fill it out.
And for my dailies, I tried some underlining with different Tombow pens.
I dislike how this looks, so on my next set of dailies, I used the Micron pens and a gray Tombow to do some highlighting. I love how this came out!

If you want to see what supplies I use for my bullet journal, check out this post.

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