June Bullet Journal Setup

I spent 20 minutes over the weekend getting the base of my June setup done. I’m still doing a monthly calendar page, a tracker page, my May review and June goal pages, and a gratitude page. I keep a running task list earlier in the journal and add new incomings there. When the spread fills up, I migrate undone tasks to a new one.

This month, I decided to use my gray Tombow N95 brush pen to add some light highlighting to break up pages. On my calendar and tracker pages, I highlighted each Sunday. Otherwise, I went back to my first love, simple black ink.

For my tracker page this month, I greatly reduced the number of entries. I wasn’t doing all of them; last month I did zero pull-ups because I lack a good spot to hang my pull-up bar in my new apartment. I also removed the entry for walking my dog since I do that every day, without fail, rain or shine. There’s no need to track it until it gets cold again and I need the additional satisfaction of a gold star for dealing with cold weather. I also deleted meditation and sit-ups as these are habits I’m going to form in the future. For now, I want to focus on developing a daily studying habit and continuing to build my running habit.
Here’s the page I’ll fill out on June 1st with my month’s goals. I’ve been thinking it over and have a few ideas of things I want to tweak. I’ll be posting about this later this week!
I’ve started writing down what I’m grateful for once a week. When I was doing it daily, I noticed after a bit I wasn’t focusing on feeling grateful; instead, I was doing it for the checkbox. Doing it weekly last month made it feel more special to me.
My June setup hasn’t changed much from my May Setup. Most of the change has been in simplifying my layouts further. Here’s to a happy, productive June!

Here are the tools I’ve used in this post:

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