October Bullet Journal Setup


My bullet journal has changed a ton since I posted about my June setup. I’ve stopped tracking habits, using a monthly calendar spread and a gratitude log, and I now use a page per day for my dailies along with a weekly spread. This month, I’m going to start using a monthly review and goals page again. Instead of a tracker, I’m going to indicate in the header of my daily page if I accomplished a goal for that day.

Here’s October!


This is my weekly view. I have a rough schedule for every day, including a “top 3” things I need to get done. I also have a top 3 for the week, and small to do, to call, to email, and errands lists. I haven’t figured out what I want to do with the top right section of this spread–if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments.
This is my goals page for October. I’ve color coded the goals, and I’ll be putting dots on the top of my daily page to indicate if I did something or not. This month, I’m focusing on some concrete goals, including finishing an online python class, further training my dog, and eating out less. I also am trying to start planning out my day the night before–my day goes so much better when I do.
This is my first daily spread for October. I’ve been using @penpapersoul’s #paralleltimeladder, which I totally love. Since the first two days in October are a weekend, I combined them into one spread. I don’t need to budget my time as much on the weekend.

These are the tools I’ve used in this post:
Highlights: Tombow N95 Brush Pen – it’s cheaper to buy these in a pack, as a heads up!

I also use a fountain pen:

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