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Chronodex Questions Answered

I had a bunch of questions on here and Facebook last week about my Chronodex post, so I made a video to answer them! Here is how to use it, how I plan with it, and answers to questions you sent me.

If you have more questions, comment below. I’m happy to spread the planner love.

How to use a chronodex to track time in your bullet journal

One thing the bullet journal base system lacks is a way to easily schedule tasks. As a result, I’ve been trying out a bunch of different time trackers as modifications to the system, one of which is the Chronodex.


I’ve been obsessed with the Chronodex for years. The Chronodex is a time tracker shaped like a clock. It’s divided into four sections, which are then subdivided into hours. The hourly sections jut out at various lengths, which makes it easy to read.


However, I tried drawing it and hated the process (circles, ugh) and cutting and pasting printed out copies didn’t appeal to me at all.

After experimenting with the #paralleltimeladder, I wanted to try the Chronodex out. I used a similar system in college and loved it. The best solution seemed to be getting either a stamp made or using custom stickers.

So, I googled “make a custom stamp” and came across They allow you to upload an image and have it turned into a stamp. I modified a Chronodex image, uploaded it, picked a 2.5×2.5″ stamp, and used their image editor to confirm the stamp was correct. A week later, I had my stamp!


It’s beautiful.

Here’s how I use it:
1. The night before, I stamp it into my planner.
2. Then, I schedule out my meetings plus time to commute.
3. Next I add appointments.
4. Then I schedule out time for specific, high-priority goals I’m working on.
5. Any other work or odd tasks get scheduled last.

If I’m worried my schedule may change, which happens occasionally with meeting time roulette, then I do all of this on a post it and transfer it to the Chronodex as my day progresses.

Here’s how my Chronodex looked one recent morning, before work:


Here are two filled out:


If you’re looking to get a consistent feel for a complicated time tracker, think about picking up a custom stamp.

Supplies used:

Highlights: Tombow N60 Brush Pen – it’s cheaper to buy these in a pack, as a heads up!

View more photos over at my instagram!

This post isn’t sponsored by I just love my stamp!

I’ve also made a video about how I use the Chronodex to plan my day and some common questions. You can check it out here!