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Chronodex Questions Answered

I had a bunch of questions on here and Facebook last week about my Chronodex post, so I made a video to answer them! Here is how to use it, how I plan with it, and answers to questions you sent me.

If you have more questions, comment below. I’m happy to spread the planner love.

How to use a chronodex to track time in your bullet journal

One thing the bullet journal base system lacks is a way to easily schedule tasks. As a result, I’ve been trying out a bunch of different time trackers as modifications to the system, one of which is the Chronodex.


I’ve been obsessed with the Chronodex for years. The Chronodex is a time tracker shaped like a clock. It’s divided into four sections, which are then subdivided into hours. The hourly sections jut out at various lengths, which makes it easy to read.


However, I tried drawing it and hated the process (circles, ugh) and cutting and pasting printed out copies didn’t appeal to me at all.

After experimenting with the #paralleltimeladder, I wanted to try the Chronodex out. I used a similar system in college and loved it. The best solution seemed to be getting either a stamp made or using custom stickers.

So, I googled “make a custom stamp” and came across They allow you to upload an image and have it turned into a stamp. I modified a Chronodex image, uploaded it, picked a 2.5×2.5″ stamp, and used their image editor to confirm the stamp was correct. A week later, I had my stamp!


It’s beautiful.

Here’s how I use it:
1. The night before, I stamp it into my planner.
2. Then, I schedule out my meetings plus time to commute.
3. Next I add appointments.
4. Then I schedule out time for specific, high-priority goals I’m working on.
5. Any other work or odd tasks get scheduled last.

If I’m worried my schedule may change, which happens occasionally with meeting time roulette, then I do all of this on a post it and transfer it to the Chronodex as my day progresses.

Here’s how my Chronodex looked one recent morning, before work:


Here are two filled out:


If you’re looking to get a consistent feel for a complicated time tracker, think about picking up a custom stamp.

Supplies used:

Highlights: Tombow N60 Brush Pen – it’s cheaper to buy these in a pack, as a heads up!

View more photos over at my instagram!

This post isn’t sponsored by I just love my stamp!

I’ve also made a video about how I use the Chronodex to plan my day and some common questions. You can check it out here!

My December Experiment

“When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.”
― Napoleon Hill

Goal setting is hard.

Actually, goal setting isn’t hard. Goals achievement is hard.

If I want to hit my goals, I need to integrate them better into my planning. So once again, here is how I’m experimenting with the upcoming month.


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October Bullet Journal Setup


My bullet journal has changed a ton since I posted about my June setup. I’ve stopped tracking habits, using a monthly calendar spread and a gratitude log, and I now use a page per day for my dailies along with a weekly spread. This month, I’m going to start using a monthly review and goals page again. Instead of a tracker, I’m going to indicate in the header of my daily page if I accomplished a goal for that day.

Here’s October!

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June Bullet Journal Setup

I spent 20 minutes over the weekend getting the base of my June setup done. I’m still doing a monthly calendar page, a tracker page, my May review and June goal pages, and a gratitude page. I keep a running task list earlier in the journal and add new incomings there. When the spread fills up, I migrate undone tasks to a new one.

This month, I decided to use my gray Tombow N95 brush pen to add some light highlighting to break up pages. On my calendar and tracker pages, I highlighted each Sunday. Otherwise, I went back to my first love, simple black ink.

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May Bullet Journal Set Up

I wanted to try some new things in May. I recently picked up some Tombow brush pens to add a little bit of color to my journal. I’ve enjoyed how @honeyrozes uses her Tombows and wanted to give it a shot!
I’ve been very limited in what I use for color in my journal. However, I thought some light accent colors would look nice. In April, I separated my weeks on my monthly spread with boxes and lines:
In May, I did it in color:
Unfortunately, my fountain pen ink smears awfully with the Tombows. I tried letting it dry 24 hours; I tried doing the highlights first and then writing over them with my fountain pen. Nothing worked. So for text that will be highlighted, I’ve started using my Micron pen, which doesn’t smear at all!

In May, I’ve also added a “waiting on” section. I piloted this at the end of April, and it’s been great having a list of packages to expect. I’ve been buying books like mad since I was diagnosed with a concussion because I can’t look at a screen for a long time right now.

My tracker also has an additional pop of color. Honestly, I’m not thrilled with the Tombow-highlighted columns. I think next month, I’ll try something else.

For my gratitude log, I’m adding days as I go along instead of leaving blank spaces on days I forget to fill it out.
And for my dailies, I tried some underlining with different Tombow pens.
I dislike how this looks, so on my next set of dailies, I used the Micron pens and a gray Tombow to do some highlighting. I love how this came out!

If you want to see what supplies I use for my bullet journal, check out this post.

My instagram is at wireandmagic; come check it out!

Habit Trackers Over Time

I’ve been using a habit tracker in various formats since January. It’s been an evolving process.

First, I used a tracker to see what chores I was doing when. I wanted to track frequency to implement a chore schedule. I only used this for a month, but it was enough to see how frequently I needed to perform certain chores.

2016-04-20 17.13.43 copy

Next, I used one to track my habits. How often was I working on the things I care about? This spread from March helped me figure it out.

2016-04-20 17.12.42 copy

I also started tracking how many pages I was reading per day in which book.

This month, I’ve expanded my goals a bit. I’m tracking more habits and using it to evaluate my monthly goals. I do weekly checkins on my monthly goals, and this tracker gives me a great sense on how I’m doing with them.

2016-04-18 13.11.00-1 copy

In this setup, the boxes are days I should be doing something, the diagonal lines are items that weren’t added yet on those dates, and the colored in boxes means I did that habit on that day. I also like to leave a blank line between weeks so it’s easy to see how I did for one particular week.

Habit trackers are useful to evaluate if you’re hitting certain goals, but they’re only useful if you define strictly what goals you want to hit. For example, I define my reading habit as “read any book for ten minutes a day”. Articles don’t count, magazines don’t count, and the internet doesn’t count. It has to be a book. Defining these habits strictly keeps me from being wishy-washy about what counts.

Here are the tools I’ve used in this post:
Pen: TWSBI Diamond 580 Fountain Pen, Fine Nib
Ink: Take-Sumo Pilot Iroshizuki Ink, Charcoal Black
Markers: Staedtler Fineliners
Journal: Leuchttrum 1917 A5 Dotted Blue Notebook

The links in this post are affiliate links. What this means is I get a small commission if you purchase a product through these links. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and supports my work. I don’t promote anything I don’t love. Thank you! 🙂

View more photos over at my instagram!

April Goals Update

Last week I posted about my April goals.

Here’s a quick update from my weekly review:


  1. Read ten minutes a day. I read four out of 7 days last week.
  2. Complete three Power Hours per week. I did one out of three Power Hours last week.
  3. Do ten minutes of PWK per workday. This is a class I’m taking. I didn’t work on it at all. I get a zero out of five on this goal.
  4. Sleep 7.5 hours a night. My fitbit told me I got 7 hours and 40 minutes of sleep per night on average.
  5. Write down when I eat junk food or carbs. I’m still doing this. I’ve started eating more junk recently. Part of my goals for next month is definitely going to have to be bulk cooking! I also need some easy snacks for work.
  6. Perform a weekly review every week. Nailed this!

My habit tracker contains a lot of my tracking information, which is what I pulled from to make this list.


Recently, I’ve been struggling with scheduling. My current bullet journal setup is missing time tracking. I tried using the time tracking bars the community loves, but I found they only worked great for tasks that take a long time. Sometimes, I have 15 tasks I need to cram into an hour. As a result, I tried using Google Calendar to schedule out my day, and I hated it.  It doesn’t display entries nicely when they’re entered into 15 minute chunks. However, what I did find really helpful this week was printing off a daily view from Outlook’s calendar and writing on it. I used these yesterday and today and found them helpful! (Wish I could post pictures of them, but they contain sensitive work information). I enjoy seeing my tasks written out with their corresponding time block more than I do seeing them in list form in my journal. At work, I’ve been using my journal more as a capture tool and these sheets for processing my list. Also, they’re wide enough that if my schedule changes, I can cross off chunks on the left and write new ones to the right. I’ve been tracking my experimentation with scheduling under “enter time on calendar” on my habit tracker.


For next week, I need to work on implementing my coursework into my daily schedule. I also need to schedule a Power Hour or two during my lunch break, because a lot of the tasks I’ve been delaying on require calling during business hours. I also found I read the most when I take public transit instead of biking, so I need to start reading at home.

If you want to see what tools I use in my bullet journal, check out this post!

Till next week!

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